Jason Vedadi | Exploring the World

In addition to being a successful businessman and amateur golfer, Jason Vedadi is also an avid traveler.

Jason Vedadi has been all over the world. He has visited the Hermitage and the Red Square in Russia, camel trekked in the deserts of Morocco, toured the Blue Mosque in Istanbul and stood in silent respect at the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp.

He has also visited the Colosseum in Rome, viewed the pyramids in Cairo, taken a vampire tour in Romania and toured Amsterdam, including Ann Franks’ home. And that’s not all: Vedadi has also traveled to Athens, Budapest, Scotland, Ireland, Prague, Spain, Brazil, Costa Rica, Thailand, Mexico, Canada and many other cities and countries. In fact, it would probably be easier to list the locations Jason has not been instead of detailing where he has traveled.

Mixing Travel and Golf

Although Jason Vedadi sometimes travels just to tour interesting locations, he often combines his love of traveling with his passion for golf. For instance, his visit to Tenerife, located three hours from the British Isles, led him to nine excellent golf courses.

During his trip to the Spanish city of Tenerife, Vedadi enjoyed playing on the Abama golf course, which features 25,000 palm trees and 22 lakes linked by majestic waterfalls. He also played on the Tecina golf course, located on the picturesque island of La Gomera. The Tecina course is set atop cliffs and features spectacular ocean views. Moreover, a backdrop featuring the Mount Teide Volcano makes the location simply breathtaking.

With its moderate climate, Spain features pleasant golfing temperatures in the winter. Usually, golfers like Vedadi can wear short-sleeved shirts and shorts even in January. The Andalucian area features many superb courses, including those at Cadiz and Jerez. There are also spectacular coastal courses located at Nova Sancti Petri and Costa Ballena. Golfers may even catch a glimpse of Miguel Angel Jimenez driving his much beloved Ferrari.

Jason Vadadi particularly loves the course in Tunisia, located in North Africa. Many golfers from France, Germany and Italy converge with those from Morocco to enjoy the sport of golf in this ideal location. The courses in Tunisia are perfect for a golf getaway in winter, when the temperatures are mild. The finest golfing locations in Tunisia are the resorts of Yasmine Hammamet and Port El Kantaouri and Monastir, located on the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea.

The golfing locations in Turkey are rising in popularity and are the perfect destination for Scandinavian, German and British travelers. The Turkish Riviera contains some of the best courses, including those on the Belek coastline and in the Antalya Province. The best winter locations for golf are the Aegean and Mediterranean areas located in the east of Turkey, where the weather tends to stay warm and dry.

Jason Vedadi often combines his passion for golf with his love of seeing the world. After all, there is nothing better than enjoying the beauty abounding in these remote locations while participating in a favorite sport.